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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Telepathy?

Post # 1
A couple days ago in school their was a sub that was a psychic and she told us a story. I put my head down and I saw what she was saying vividly. It was like a movie so after class I asked her from what point of view does she see the story happening and she described it as a movie so was it telepathy or my imagination
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Re: Telepathy?
Post # 2
She could have been transmitting a picture out to you all... Or just you since she noticed there was something different about you... Or maybe your phsychic.
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Re: Telepathy?
Post # 3
I had a vision when I was 16, after that I could tap into that plane of existence. Try this;
close your eyes and then imagine you are opening them. (opening your spiritual eyes).
Now imagine you are moving forward. Feel yourself move forward in the dark. (The farther you feel yourself go, the more you will see. At first it might be several dots of light that look like a city, I tried this recently and was engulfed in an enormous white light. I passed through it and then it was dark again. I can't relax long enough to see visions anymore(I will fix that), but you being young, you will.
Just imagine you are going forward and you will move straight into something that is most likely going on around you.
The problem with this is, I never knew what I would see, nothing to be scared of, but it's like the opposite of controlled remote viewing. Try it, play with it and maybe teach yourself to move forward to view specific areas.
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Re: Telepathy?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Almost certainly not telepathy or anything psychic.

Many people listen to a story or guided meditation and in their minds they see it as if they were watching a movie. The fact that both of you describe the same process in the same way just indicates that both of you translate what you are hearing into a visual format. That's not at all unusual and certainly neither telepathy or visions, just that you are a visual person.

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Re: Telepathy?
Post # 5
I spelled psychic wrong last time. Spellcheck
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