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please help
Post # 1
I really need help.. I'm so depressed and there is this guy I like and i found out he was my twin flame and i told him I liked him and he said he likes me a lot but not ready for a GF, but he has a GF and he went to go see her in a DIFF state and he is really liking her and she is really liking him and he loves the state he is in....

I told him I missed him and he was like really and Im like yess I miss you a lot and he is like miss you too but I want him to be with me and no one else and I want him to break up with her... I don't have much money and I need a simple love and break up spell.. I went to a spell caster and they said I needed 6,000 for them to cast it and us to be together... Im so depressed can anyone help?
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Re: please help
Post # 2
Try some love spells. Although you cant force him to like you but it could increase the chance or the feelings he has for you depending on the spell you use
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Re: please help
By: / Novice
Post # 3
How like would you feel like if that like girlfriend was you? Like how would you feel if like you were on like the receiving end like of a spell like to break you like and your bf like up? Like you might do better like to wait like for time to tell. Like if he is like feeling the same, like a spell would like just do no good. But like if you like need to like be greedy like about this, like do a like love spell. But listen, this will like force him to like love you. Do you really like want that?
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Re: please help
Post # 4
Well his GF is 16 and were 35 that's why I want them to break up so he doesn't get into trouble... I do love him a lot and he says he likes me a lot... so I don't know what to think or do...*sigh*
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Re: please help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
From what I understand about twin flames vs soul mates, twin flames are your "other half" and although you are drawn to each other, you cause each other the worsed misery until you are capable of looking yourself in the mirror and enjoying what you see. Most people can't deal with another them, and the twin flame forces you to see yourself outside of yourself.

Instead of chasing after him, learn from what you see about him that you want to change and change it within yourself! This is the only way to progress as twin flames. You are sounding boards for each other, not mates. A soul mate is a kindred spirit--a soul that is here in this life with you to help you and care for you. Some believe you have more than one.

This is not modern stuff, this goes back to Greek philosophy. Look it up! When you understand it, you will have a much smoother running life.

Twin flames when together can destroy each other! They are best when apart yet always attracted to each other. Usually after a twin flame, you realize who you are and therefore gain a stronger sense of self (at least that's the ideal situation).

Sometimes twin flames will be harmonious with one another, but that is only when they are balanced independent individuals that know and love themselves
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