In need of a spell

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In need of a spell
Post # 1
I am new at casting spells and I am going with my boyfriend on Wednesday to court where he may go to prison for 5 years for something that he truly did not do!

I have searched for some kind of protection spell and I haven't found one that really fits. Therefore, I do not think I am looking in the correct area place if anyone could help me with a simple spell for him it would be greatly appreciated!!
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Re: In need of a spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Look up truth, success or justice spells. I think those may fit a little better than protection spells.
Here are some that I found on this site:
If you need further guidance, send me a private message.
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Re: In need of a spell
Post # 3
Freezer spell. I use it alot. Make a petition paper with the name of the person/people saying he is guilty on a piece of paper. Preferably a something they have touched, signed or has something to do with them. In a circle without lifting your pen from the paper (you can go back after circle is complete and cross ts' and dot is') state your hntent. What you want. Fold the paper away from you over and over as small as you can. Verbalizing your intent with each fold. Saturate the folded paper in alcahol. Place the petition paper (folded paper) in plastic, cover witi water. Put in freezer and say "with harm to none so mote it be" you can thaw it out and bury it after you dont need it anymore. If he is innocent it will work.
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Re: In need of a spell
Post # 4
A Honey Jar could help. Even though I've done minimal research on Honey Jars, I do know there is a specific type of honey jar to help you deal with this certain thing. Best of luck to you and your boyfriend!
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