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just got an account.
Post # 1
hey i'm holly. so i am a beginner with, well basically everything concerning magic. my main interest right now is exploring my inner self, the cliche of finding my inner spark; i really have no idea where to begin. as of late i have been doing a lot of reading on a variety of topics, magic, spirituality, and generally what to do about my crazy life. what i've always known, but accepted more of a truth recently, is that i have to find my own way, listen to what rings to me as true, keep my horizons open, use my own discernment; i don't want to feel like i am bound or restricted by beliefs or customs i don't necessarily agree with. i would like to develop more of my own individuality. i would like to learn to develop abilites with the aid of magic, or to aid me in strengthening my magic, to help me work within myself fully realize what it is i need to learn or accept that will help me continually grow as a person. hopefully through strengthening my foundation i can help others on their own "journey". i will be forever imperfect, but i would not like to remain forever ignorant of what could be. that it is all for now, lol mainly because i don't know what else to say. oh-- through meditation i have learned how to better visualize things, but i need to work on visualization and will power; also to be more of an observor vs. prisoner of my own sometimes biased perspective.
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Re: just got an account.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Hi Holly, and welcome to the SOM family.

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Re: just got an account.
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Hello, and welcome to SoM. Being a beginner, I'm sure these will help get you started:

Beginner links:

Any questions, feel free to mail me. Blessed Be...
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Re: just got an account.
Post # 4
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Re: just got an account.
Post # 5
thank you, i appreciate it!
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