Scrying Mirror Questions

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Forums -> Magic Items -> Scrying Mirror Questions

Scrying Mirror Questions
Post # 1
I get what a scrying mirror is and what its used for and mainly how to use it..but my main question is do I have to have my third eye open when using this or do you use it at all when scrying?
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Re: Scrying Mirror Questions
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Scrying Mirror Questions
Post # 3
The creator has left us mirrors so the demons in hell can watch us and that is their torture as they are not granted life. The demons can see you 24/7 through these mirrors unless you have protection against it. The occult has known of this for a very long time i.e. John Dee etc. this is how the occult communicate to the demons in hell and they don't want us to know the truth but they have not realized this is the demons karma for their wrong doings. The occult do not want us to not know this so we feed these demons in their sick ways. Reflection can give vanity an ego etc. this is what these demons want you to feel. Good luck in your journey with mirrors. If you do ever open your 3rd eye be ready for a great scare. Best of luck and do protect yourself.
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Re: Scrying Mirror Questions
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4

A scrying mirror is used for divinational purposes. While divinating it is a good idea to have an opened and aligned third eye. This is because your third eye senses things that your other five sense many not on their own. The third eye strengthens your other five senses when of course the third eye is open and aligned with the other main chakra. You will feel, see, hear, smell, and sometimes taste things that you may not have when your third eye was closed or unaligned. These sense may just be stronger causing one to hear or smell things better. You may also experience a greater sense of understanding when your third eye is open and aligned. I suggest meditation prior to divination as well as working with all of your chakras to open and align them. This will help you have a greater understanding of your divination as well as an easier time focusing on the task.

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