3rd night.....Questions

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> 3rd night.....Questions

3rd night.....Questions
Post # 1
I have been working on my technique to achieve ap for at least 8 months now and believe I have found one that works for me. It is a combo technique but surprisingly simple.

I went from experiencing nothing. Then to feeling a strange (not bad or horrible in any way) sensation after about 1.5-2 hours. This time frame is now dwindling fast. Now, I can feel the vibration and a feeling of weightlessness not in my body but somewhere "split" from my body in less than 10minutes. In fact, earlier today I took a short nap (30min) and had this strange but cool sensation that even though I was on the couch I also felt as if I was standing at my front window looking out onto my lawn...even though I could not see myself on the couch.

The questions I have are:
I know that the more you practice the quicker and easier it will become but am I becoming too quick to achieve the best results?
Is it possible that after all this time that I finally was able to project?
If I did project, why couldn't I see myself lying on the couch but able to look out of my front window?

I really appreciate any thoughts on this. I would also appreciate if anyone has any tips for me. Thanks in advance :)
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Re: 3rd night.....Questions
Post # 2
Sounds to me as though you are in fact achieving a quick projection but losing councioussnes once exited and swapping into a lucid state of sleep. The reason that you can't see yourself snoozing on the couch is probably because you are in a lucid dream rather than AP but your desire to AP converts your lucid dream "realm" into a replica of what you wish to see but ancestry you have yet to see yourself sleep it leaves out that part. That's just my theory though,my advice is to keep on practicing and keep focused on the task. Also,AP is best achieved after waking up from actual sleep and waiting for 30 minutes and then trying. Be careful though because so is lucid dreaming. My tips are do some preemptive meditation and focus training
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