Opening a circle

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Opening a circle

Opening a circle
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
So opening a circle with a pentacle I believe most people can agree opens the door to the other side thus making the ritual/spell work and have power, But does it have to be a pentacle? Could it, let's say, be one of Solomon's seals? To me his seals are just as powerful with magical intent than the pentacle. Could opening a circle using one of Solomon's seals work? Is there a yes or no or could that just be preference? Any help and advice is appreciated.
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Re: Opening a circle
By: / Novice
Post # 2
symbols have power because we believe in them. if you feel more connected with the Solomon's Seals, then use them.
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Re: Opening a circle
Post # 3

As Nekoshema said its really up to you.However, be 100% sure that the seal you are going to use, is used for the right purposes. We use a pentacle for protection, we use it for the elements. It is our symbol. So if you for example use a protection seal, that will surely protect you, but it could interfere with certain spells such as summoning. Your seal, and your intentions HAVE to correspond to one another :)

Also be completely sure what the seal is used for. There are various sources of information regarding Solomon's seals, so be sure that you use the right information when choosing a seal.

Lastly I would also like to warn you in a sense. Solomon was very specific, sometimes he even spoke a little jibberish. He had rules and steps to follow when it came to certain spells and/or seals. For example a wand, had to be cut with one thrust before sunrise from an oak or hazel tree, with no more than 1 years growth. And then Carved before sunset. So if you are going to use one of his seals, be sure to follow any regulations or steps that have been provided with them. (Paraphrased wand example from memory, so some things could differ)

I hope this made sense, and helped :)

Blessed Be!

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Re: Opening a circle
Post # 4
A circle is a symbol in and of itself. It is a gate between the worlds and the other side if you want to call it that. Symbols that are used when casting a circle attract the energy used in the work to the circle to be sent out as you desire. So the symbols we use are representitive of the energy we wish to call. I personally use the elements but you can use Gods, Godesses, Angels ect. The pentagram is a representitive of the elements of nature and how they bind and connect all things. Yes it is also a symbol of protection so you attract that energy to the work when you use it. So if you wish to use the seals research them and find out what they represent and how they connect to you. And if you want to use them use them.
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