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Help with ap
Post # 1
Hello, my friend is having trouble astral projecting and I have tried everything I could to help but nothing still.
If anyone knows what I could do to help him AP please help me.
Thank you =)
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Re: Help with ap
Post # 2
Hello, If your friend is having a bit of trouble with AP it could be from a lack of focus or using a technique that's not for him/her. When dealing with astral projection having a sharp focus can make the experience much more enjoyable and easy to achieve. Your friend should try another style of AP, there are many different ways in doing so. There are meditation techniques on this site that may ease his/her trouble in doing so. Perhaps he/she could try some focus puzzles and or mind testers? Something that would help with keeping attention on one thing for a while. I can tell you the technique I personally use which is quite effective. I usually just relax a bit before bed, and keep the electronics off 30 minutes before hitting the sack. When I lay down and close my eyes I choose something relaxing to think about and keep focused on that (I use the sounds of wind in the mountains because I grew up in Colorado). Keep focused on what you find relaxing and let your body "melt" into the bed starting from the tip of your toe and working your way up the foot and up the rest of the body slowly. Once your body is asleep you will still be awake councioussly and will enter (Sleep Paralyzes) in which your body will begin to buzz/vibrate. Keep focusing on that thought you chose and relax further. Your thoughts will start to drift off into other thoughts, if that happens just gently bring yourself back to the original. Once your body relaxes even further the vibrating will get more intense (Try not to pay attention to it and keep focused). Once you feel you are ready visualize or imagine a rope hanging down from your ceiling and imagine yourself reaching up to it and grabbing it and begin pulling yourself up slowly. Keep pulling yourself us slowly until you hear a loud *pop* sound but don't break focus. Once you hear the pop sound open your eyes using your mind not your body. And depending on your skill with the matter you should be fully counciouss. Then begin your journey through out your world until the vibrations(which differs for everyone) pulls you into the astral world. I hope this works for your friend, it's the lift and pull method or "the rope" method. Good luck to your friend. Best wishes
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