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Quick question
Post # 1
What exercise of meditations should I do so I can control my Qi flow better? Also what's the best way to make a Qi ball?
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Re: Quick question
Post # 2
The easy, just do a microcosmic orbit focus training. In other words, be aware of for you chi/ki/qi/prana/mana/energy (so many names) flow. Chi flow in a circle in are body's are the it does for heaven and earth. Once you're
of you your chi flow then practice chi kung or qi gong. Both will teach you how the move your chi any in or out of your body and bring chi from outside, inside your body. For the ball thing, just put your hands in front of you. Bring them close together as if you holding a ball and focus your moving to you arms, to hands, then visualize a small ball between your hands.
Your try and flow out to form the ball. It's a good way to judge you chi level by seeing how big of a ball you can make or how many. I can make soccer ball size chi ball in both hands at the same time.
Good luck.
P.s. don't be foolish.
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Re: Quick question
Post # 3
Ty for the tips, I have a few more questions though. How do you know if your moving your Qi through your body? Is there a sensation I should be looking for? Also, when you form the ball can you see the Qi? Or is it a sensory type thing? One last thing,what are those techniques you put? Qi gong and the other?
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Re: Quick question
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I find when making the balls that there is a sensation that flows between my hands and through my arms. It's sort of this electric tingling. I tend to make them as I would a snowball, so packing the energy together and visualizing a ball between my hands. Start out small and slowly make the ball bigger and bigger until you can almost feel an energy resistance between your hands. You won't be able to see anything but mine I can definitely feel.
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Re: Quick question
Post # 5
To answer the first and second question, you feeling so thing. Some say they feel thing worm, tickling feel or just a present. You can see it if you practice move chi in you eye( hence those how can see aura).
But in the beginning, just relax your body a mind so the chi can flow natural path ways. The 3 path way your chi
can flow but most common is the Fire Path. Basically your main chi flow move around your body from the center and sexual organs area, moving up between the skin and your spin, around the skull, moving down to your chest, and back to you center area again.
At that time, your chi is hitting your 7 Chakras/3 Dan
Tien, internal organs, and your outer body part like arms and legs(yes, they have their own flow.). Focuse on be aware of this flow will make understand other flows inside and outside your body.

Now the last question. Chi kung and qi gong are special
practices that deal with self-awarenss and chi flow. Qi gong is more External practice like building chi to your fist to do a powerful punch or sending chi to heal/kill someone, and Chi kung is more internal speeding your healing ability, prolonging health, and increasing natural ability.
Both are different but very powerful and both have the same goals; prolong life and self-awareness. They can also help with increasing psychic abilities, enhance magical powers, and reach immortality.
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Re: Quick question
Post # 6
Immortality? Very interesting... Well I'll give those techniques a go and see what occurs. Ty guys for the tips it much appreciated
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