ned a important helps.thx

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ned a important helps.thx
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To all friends in SpellsOfMagic, I am sorry for asking this, but I am writing this post because I am seeking help from those who can help me with this. I had these dreams at night and also few visions. It was few signs that I had that keep appearing every time I dream. In my dream and in visions it was a "yellow hair guy" coming to find me, and at the same time I am also finding him, but we do not know each other. It could be something, but I do not know what it is. I also did have a dream and some clues, and a drawn picture of that guy by someone who has psychic ability from SpellsOfMagic. I need to know where I can find this guy. In the Buddhist culture we believe this kind of person we have in dream could make our wishes come true. Psychic friends, maybe some of you could have a vision of him and tell me where I can find him. The guy is about 26-27 years of age. He is a Chinese and a Buddhist. This guy also has a master. The master will fulfill our wishes. A friend of mine, who has little psychic ability, told me that the ?yellow hair guy? will meet me coincidently somewhere near a restaurant, but I wished to know more, where in detailed, location and when will be the day I find that guy? Will I manage to find him soon?

this is the picture of tat guy (

this is important to me,hope can get a help with anyone.thank you.
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Re: ned a important helps.thx
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
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