Any remedies for flu

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Forums -> Herbalism -> Any remedies for flu

Any remedies for flu
Post # 1
cough and sore throat?
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Re: Any remedies for flu
Post # 2
A spoonful of honey (or two) is a good remedy for a sore throat, however you won't want to eat much more as it will burn your throat after a certain point. Milk is always a good cooling remedy for throats, and tea will work nicely as well (you can even put the honey in either of these and it will help nicely).

Traditional remedies for flu include eating a load of onions/garlic as these force the spirits of illness out of our bodies. However, as much as these made me stink, whenever I've been sick and tried it I've only found it good for a quick clearing of the sinuses. You can also put a few fresh onions or garlic in the corners of the house or in the doorway as a way to prevent the illness from coming in.

I wouldn't really rely on the remedies to get rid of the flu, I would just wait it out. The good news is that now you'll be immune to that particular strain of the flu virus. :)
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Re: Any remedies for flu
Post # 3
Unfortunately I don't know of any herbs, but stock up on vitamin C. Don't drink orange juice because usually the sugar content in juices will feed the virus and nullify the effects of the vitamin C. Stay away from sugary things (a bit of honey is ok though since it's more natural sugar), stay hydrated, and rest. Just try not to overdose on vitamin C. Hot tea with a bit of honey and lemon will help sooth a sore throat. Really it's going to take a bit of time no matter what, but the vitamin C really helps it go a bit faster.
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Re: Any remedies for flu
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Its that time of year again....
First, you should get lots of rest. Your body is trying to fight the flu or cold and needs its "down time".
You probably don't feel like eating but you should drink some organic chicken broth and drink a special tea made of fresh ginger, honey and lemon juice. Lemon is full of phytochemicals and vitamin C and helps (as well as honey, garlic, ginger...) to boost the immune system.
Echinacea helps to prevent colds and flu's as well if you take it every day
And stay warm! :)
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