honey jar candles

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honey jar candles
Post # 1
hi everyone,
what are the best type of candles to use on a honey jar i jave been using either the thin short candles they rarely leave any residu and when they do it looks like a small apple or cherry or heart on my jar but it doesnt melt enough to cover the cover of the jar. i also use tea lights because i read somewhere that the metal heats fast and it heats up the jar quick plus a lot of times i do my work on the jar late at night after work so im scared to put a big candle and accidently fall asleep.

my jar is pretty much clean no wax on it except on the top of it very small fruit and heart shapes. i would love to know the best type of candles to use.
thank you :)
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Re: honey jar candles
Post # 2

I would say it's up to you, but of course that is my opinion. Other people will say don't use tea lights, while I am totally fine with tea lights.

Tapers are the most commonly recomended candle out there to use. The 6 inch tapers should be find. However you're going to have to buy enough for however long you plan on working the jar. I've also seen sources who have burned vigil lights on top, however they can easily fall off. You can instead burn a vigil light made specifically for your goal around the jar to enhance the energies around it. Votives will work. Most candles will work.

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Re: honey jar candles
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
The type of candle you use depends on what you're using it for.

Wax does not have to cover the jar for it to be effective.

A popular method is a taper candle rolled in oil and/or herbs and burned on top periodically.

Personally, the only time I put a candle on a jar is to read how the work is going (ceromancy). I tend to shake my jars to keep them working so I don't need to put a candle on the top.

If you aren't reading the wax to see how the work is going, the mini candles are fine if that's what you're comfortable with.
The magic isn't in the candle, it's in the jar ;)
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Re: honey jar candles
Post # 4
thank you :)
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