Need some help Please

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Need some help Please
Post # 1
Can anyone tell where I can find info on how to find out if I am a decendant of witches? I've been wondering because of how drawn I have been to the craft & how overwhelming my thoughts & moods are. I haven't cast any spells but my interest is very high. I know not to play with Most of the girls on my dads side are on meds for "mental/mood disorders" ( even my dad & bro) & I refuse to take meds. I come from a Christian family but believe my family history has "secrets". I've always felt different & stood apart from what others "think". Most of my cousins have seen/felt things thats happened to them. I believe we have gifts & not crazy like ( heavy Quotations) "normal people" portray. Strongly believe in higher powers. Our minds are powerful. I acknowledge what is. Right now I'm on a journey. When I'm on the phone I have to doodle & when I doodle it has to do with circles or mostly arrows pointing in every direction. Sometimes I zone out & my mind is else where. Please if anyone can help. My first step is to find out where I come from (in truth not what ive been told) so I can understand where I am going.
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Re: Need some help Please
Post # 2
* correction*
I didn't finish a sentence. I was stating I know not play with things I don't understand yet. Cause there are consequences for lack of knowledge.
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Re: Need some help Please
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

While it is always good to know where you come from it doesnt have much to do at all with your craft. Anyone can practice witchcraft, you do not need to be from a family of those who have practiced it to be a witch. It is great to work with your ansectors but be sure to believe in your own ability to learn and grow in the craft.

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