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Post # 1
Ahn... Hey, mates. Just a question: What does the dots on the left means? And what it means when someone dies not have a life line?
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Re: Palmistry
Post # 2
Palmistry is the art of reading someones hand. Each part of the hand says something different about the person. The thumb shows will power and drive and how they apply it in their lives. Large thumbs show strong personality and short thumbs show that a person is more gentle and so on. On to the mounts of the thumb. Some examples of these mounts are the Jupider mount which is located at the base of the finger and the Mount of Saturn which is found under the middle finger. These are read by seeing the shape and figuring out if it overlarge, well developed, or lean. Next are the Palmistry Loops. Some examples of these are the Loop of Nature which is found across the mount of Luna and also Loop of courage found in the thumb joint it indicates a person of great courage. These are not all of the Palmistry Loops that can be found, their are many others aswell. To find if someone has good luck in their hands you look at the upper mounts of Jupider, Mercury Apollo, at any point on the Apollo line and The Fate Line. If you find a star at those points this indicates much luck to the owner of the hand. Such as money, fame, and love. Travel in your hands.Their are four different types of hands. The earth, Fire, Air, and water hand. People with air hands tend to have careers that involve traveling. People with fire hands love adventure and exploring places they have never been. People with water hands like to travel to mystical places. Islands and stars that are found on the travel lines indicate problems and danger. The Travel line can be found on the edge of the luna mount. Retirement in your hands.People with earth hands do not normaly retire and preffer to work until the end of their days. Air hand people who retire like to get involved with studies or groups, and fire hand people get themselves involved with groups around the community. Water hand people are ok with just lying around reading or other interests. Joints and Knuckles in someones hand tells a lot about the person you are reading. People with smooth knuckles are extremely stric about their appearence. People with uneven knuckles tend to be more balanced with their lives. People with smooth fingers are more responsive with information. Finger settings in palimstry. You can find information about people in the way that fingers are set into the palm. If the fingers are evenly set they are confident and will be successful in life. If they are unevenly set they lack self confidents especially if the fingers are set low.The texture of ones skin is also a way to tell someones personality. People with thick skin tend to be unsensative and stubborn. While people with ruff hands is on people who are earthly. The flexability of your hand shows your emotional and mental health. It is almost exactly as it sounds. People with stiff hands have a stiff mind and people with a flexible hand has a more flexible hand. People whos hands can bend backward easily can respond quickly. People with stiff hands have a more rigid outlook on life. People with strong hands are a strong person and are good with money. This is how you can read someones palm and tell what their character and physical traits are.
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Re: Palmistry
Post # 3
Oh! Thanks for the answer, mate. Just one last more thing: i misspelled up there, and the real sentence was "And what is the importance of the Life line, and what means if someone does not have it?".
Anyway, thankee.
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Re: Palmistry
Post # 4
your welcome :)
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