Need help with honey jar

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Need help with honey jar

Need help with honey jar
Post # 1
For my honey jar reconciliation spell,
I decided to use sugar instead since I heard it
produces faster results. I just wanted to make sure
if I could use my ex's signature in the jar? Would it be effective?

Here are a few ingrdients Ive chosen to put in my jar.

Sugar, cinnamon sticks, basil powder, almonds, raisins, his signature, my signature, my hair, and the petition paper.

Im very unexperienced with the honey jar so
that's why I needed advice from you all
Thanks guys!
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Re: Need help with honey jar
Post # 2
The reason why people use things like honey, syrup, molasses etc, it because of it's thick and sticky consistency. Yes, it is slow, but once it heats up, it moves faster than before. And since it's so sticky, the results of the jar are more likely to stick to the person you work it on.

However, sugar is granulated and isn't sticky. Yes, it will get you results faster, but they are either less likely to stick, or they will come to the person to fast for them to fully process and understand these new feelings or old feelings that they thought they no longer had, and it could cause confusion and conflict.

I would suggest using honey or something of that consistency. You could add sugar to it, but I would still use honey.

As for your herbs everything you've listed seems fine, apart from almonds and raisins. Almonds are normally used for money and prosperity. Raisins are normally used for fertility and money, as well. Also if you can't get his hair as well, don't add yours to it. Just put the signature in and that will be fine.

If you want, I can mail you my guide on how to do the honey jar, if you want to make sure you're doing it properly :)
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Re: Need help with honey jar
Post # 3

I usually use light corn syrup for my sweetening jars. It is not as viscous as honey or molasses, but it's still syrup and is sticky. I like to work with liquids in my jars more than solids. However what you put in is up to you. If you could have gotten your hair and his hair, and folded it up inside the petition paper that would have been good.

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Re: Need help with honey jar
Post # 4
Thanks for the advice guys!
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