Spider's Breath

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Spider's Breath
Post # 1

I am helping an Army Chaplan find some information for a soldier. The soldier is in need of "spider's breath" for a spell. All I know is that it is an ingredient. The Chaplan has no idea what it is, he was literally scratching his head when he asked for help.

I have done several searches, on the internet and in books I have on hand, I can not find this ingredient. I do not even know if it is an herb. I am starting to suspect that someone is 'testing' this Chaplan's sincerity with this request.

If anyone has heard of this item, or has an idea on what it might be, could you please share. I want to exhaust all the options I have before I tell the Chaplan I suspect someone is sending him on a snip hunt.

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Re: Spider's Breath
By: / Novice
Post # 2
As much as I have never heard of it I suspect it might be an old nickname for the herb. Where is the 'ingredent' located or the spell? In a book? If its an old book its likely its an old nickname, possibly to your locality (or the locality of the spells creator). I know my great grandmother would call ginger 'the bane of colds' as its what she would use for a cold. It could just be a personal nickname.

On the otherside of things, it may be someone playing a, trick a cruel one might I add.

It's nice that your helping a Chaplin :D
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Re: Spider's Breath
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I agree with Luis that it may be a nickname for something else, but the person requesting it (if they are knowledgeable and practiced) should know what it's common name is. I have another theory, though. I was in the Army, and I know how certain pranks can go. I think maybe you are on the Pagan version of a search for chem light batteries. As with the chem light batteries, I hope that this is also in good-nature fun.
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Re: Spider's Breath
By: / Novice
Post # 4
In some old languages or in translation from some, 'spiders breath' is often referred to a spiders web or cob webs. Though it could very we'll be a nickname for an herb
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