help... guidance needed

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help... guidance needed
Post # 1
I've always kinda known i had magic in my bloodline. My profile gotta a bit further into that. Ive never studied, practiced, or done anything other than simple little beauty, or love spells for my own amusement, back when i was a teen. I channeled and spoke to spirits as a parlor trick for my friends at sleep overs. I grew up and grew out of my interest in it a bit but from the age of about 21, I've been waking up during thunderstorms and random occasions, with energy so strong coursing through my body i sometimes vomit. I try to transfer it to objects, sometimes even i try the energy is strong i shake violently and I've even passed out. Why does this happen to me? How can i help it? How can i release it? Can i control it? I know absolutely nothing about magic.the spells I've done I've never had to read. The energy comes, and i just know what to do and say. I want to learn to channel this and gain control of it instead of it controlling me.
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Re: help... guidance needed
Post # 2

Have you attempted to complete the basics?

Mail me, I can try my best to help you! :)

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Re: help... guidance needed
Post # 3
I don't know what the basics are. My biggest worry is the vomiting, I've been doing it quote often lately. Why after all of these years did the energy just come back like that? It's so much stronger than before. I thought that if i didn't use it, it would just dwindle away, but it hasn't
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Re: help... guidance needed
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

I would suggest that you start out by having a thorough examination by a medical professional. Some of what you're experiencing could well be a physical problem unrelated to the occult and/or magic in the slightest. Your description of "shaking violently" and "passing out" is worrisome from a medical standpoint and should be evaluated.

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Re: help... guidance needed
By: / Novice
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Other Paths.
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