Vision Dream?

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Vision Dream?
Post # 1
Earlier as I lay in slumber sleeping in the dark of day I had a dream by which I did not understand.

"I was in a palace that was on fire..I was not alone.. I was with a girl of whom I've never seen before. As the building continued to burn we found a hidden room by which the flames were not able to destroy. We made our way inside the room to find it filled with books about all sorts of spells and history of magic. While looking around my cousin appeared in the room, but not alone. He was with my aunt who seemed to be a witch and was traveling with others. We began looking around and I found a crystal and my aunt took the crystal from me and turned it in to a sceptre. I gave the sceptre to the girl I was with and she placed a black crystal in it and the sceptre became dark. After finding another crystal I asked my aunt to turn it into a sceptre as well... But she couldn't, so I focused on the crystal and closed my eyes and when I opened my eyes the crystal had turned into a shining sceptre. After a while we appeared outside in my front yard and there was some type of battle going on. The girl who was once in the burning building with me was trying to kill all the witches that traveled with my aunt. I grabbed my sceptre and cast a protection spell around us all and protected my aunt and the other witches. After witnessing this the girl left. I odd thing about it was that at first when I was in the building with her she had blonde hair.. But at this battle her hair was black as night...... What does this dream mean?
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Re: Vision Dream?
Post # 2
Sounds interesting, it might mean that u might have found a spell that actually works, just follow ur heart and maybe u might find a real spell. Cool dream!!!! :)
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