On using Poppets

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On using Poppets
Post # 1
Poppets, mistakenly called voodoo dolls by many people, are simple tools used for healing, protection, love, etc. based on the concept of sympathetic magick, or "like attracts like". This technique is thought to have come to America from Europe during the immigration to the new world. The Spirit Dolls of African Vodou are the only true connection these dolls have to this tradition.
it seems that a lot of people don't actually understand how to use Poppets, and while there are hundreds of different ways to use them, i thought i might share the method that i use.
Colors of the cloth:
white- healing, unhexing
black- hate, hexes
yellow- Protection
green- money, good fortune
red- passion, lust
pink- love, friendship

things you need: a doll made of the color of cloth that correspond to the energies you'll be working with, a name tag, a connection to the person( hair, picture, signature. And if none of this is available, just the name tag will do), a red cord, a pin or needle, and a chant (preferably made yourself) that gets the point of the spell across. i would suggest it rhymes.
*If the doll you are using is bought, or pre-made by someone else, that is fine. If you choose you can cut open the doll(or if you make the doll yourself you can do this)and put in herbs that correspond to your purpose, then sew it back up.

First you name the poppet the person you wish to cast the spell on. This can be a friend, a family member, an enemy, or even yourself.
If you have a connection, place that somewhere on the doll.
Take the red cord, and slowly begin to tighten it around the doll as you say the chant you made up. think strongly about your goal while you say the chant.
When you've tightened the entire cord around the doll as tight as it will go, tie a knot, and stick the pin into the area of the dolls chest where the heart would be (or if it suits you, in a situation where you are healing or hexing for example, you can stick the pin in the area being worked on).

This is not the only way there is to use poppets, this is just the way i use and it works well for me. I hope some of the people struggling to use poppets find this helpful.
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Re: On using Poppets
Post # 2

I've heard of a couple different ways of making poppets, I call them dolls, but not voodoo dolls. Making them from somebody's clothes, making them the way you suggested, and making them out of wax are all methods I've heard of.

Nice post.

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