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magical items
By: / Novice
Post # 1

Part 1

Largely known ritual items

I couldn't help but notice that this topic rarely has new threads. So I will mention some of the so called magical items that are used for different rituals from different paths. The meaning of some of the items can be symbolic. I wouldn't reccomend the use of any rituals if you are a beginner without guidance since it can be harmful for your spiritual journey.

I will start from the simple ones and largely known.

  • Magical journal

It is reccomended by many for the start of the spiritual journey. People tend to write there their experiences and feelings related to their spiritual journey. It is believed to help with the better understanding of one's experiences.

  • Book of Shadows

It's a book containing spells and rituals that the practicioner either collects or creates and most of the times both. It is used by many paths eg Wicca

  • Wand

Wands are used for rituals and spells and they are something like energy channelers. Wands are usually made out of wood and crystals.

  • Athame

An athame has similar use with the wand. It is a knife that is used (both symbolically and practically) in rituals and spells.

  • Chalise

Chalises are largely used not only in spells and rituals of occultism and wicca but also from other religions like Christianity. It represents the element of water and in some rituals purity and a bond between the body and the spirit. It also has different representations among religions and paths but always symbolises divinity

  • Cauldron.

The cauldron can be used for spells, rituals and scrying. Its largely known for its use in wicca and celtic magick.

Note : C onsecrate items before using them for a ritual

I will soon post part 2 which contains less known ritual items.

I hope that was helpful for all of you out there.

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