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Post # 1
Hello, my question is this- my Grandma, before becoming Christian, was really deep in the Occult, she learned from her grandfather who was deep in the occult as well, my Grandma said he was able to control many different spirits ranging from elemental to demonic and angelic beings. Is that possible, to control such a magnitude of spirits?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Possibility
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Control is a bit of a harsh word but in general it is possible to an extent but you can't really control anything fully on that level as in take control of a ton of spirits and things all at once

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Re: Possibility
Post # 3
I actually read a few days ago about some cultures having shamanic practices based around actually controlling the spirits they work with, rather than being friendly and calling upon their power, this to me was very interesting. Though I have not had the time to read further into the subject as I have been occupied with other things and an interesting book about Cherokee practices and beliefs, which I still need to read. I would suggest reading up on such things as that to find your answer to your question.
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Re: Possibility
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
What must be remembered is that Angels, demons, natural, and lower spirits are all rather primal in nature to one extent or another. The hierarchies that are used to describe them, and the rules to traditional, ceremonial conjuration and similar practices are there because, of old, these were viewed as formalities that not only established a link with the spirit, and control over it, but were, of old, a measure of displaying respect.

To modern sensibilities, binding any spirit to servitude would seem rude, if not outright nasty. However, it must be considered that of old it was an honor to serve one who was "greater" than you, or to even serve alongside a peer. Thus do many old rituals establish the taking of oaths from demons, and binding them into servitude; the calling of angels in the name of god to educate you as, if not their peer, than the favored children of God, Man; and various incarnations of rituals intended to bind nature spirits to one's will.

This sort of binding, oath taking, etc. is not necessarily disrespectful, rude, or nasty, but if performed properly is a display of respect. It shows, in the order of things, that you are the "alpha" so to speak, and that your knowledge, wisdom and Will is worth serving. Make no mistake, if efforts are not made, you are weak of will, and your understanding of such things is faulty, these entities are generally free to do as they wish - thus the cautions that are told in legends and lore. But, in general terms, it an effort that is little more than showing yourself to be the alpha in a pack of animals - the one who leads, the one who is worth serving.

And being such involves picking up the mantle of assorted other responsibilities as well. So yes, you could certainly take up the control of a host of spirits. But it could potentially be burdensome at that.
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