need to find a spell.

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need to find a spell.
Post # 1
Hello all. I'm looking for a simple, yet powerful, spell to help someone I dearly love forgive his past so he can focus on the future and see all of the good in himself. He hangs onto all of his prior bad decisions and can't see all of his amazing attributes, yet he wants to change that, but doesn't know how. If anyone knows of a spell that I can cast to help him, it would be greatly appreciated. And I'm not looking to control him or make him do anything against his will...I just want to help him to find inner happiness and see his own worth. Thanks in advance for the assistance.
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Re: need to find a spell.
Post # 2
This works relay well on child victims, not as good on adults, but won't hurt him.
Take (Childs? name) anger take (insert Childs name) pain, wash it away like a gentle rain.
Into the ground where it be bound, berry it deep where it not be found.
This child of love this child of light, rid him/her of anger overcome the fight.
What is done is done it stay in the past, the emotional issues are over they no longer last.
Released here in this witches flame, released is all the anger and pane.
No longer shall (name of child) hurt due to any past deed, no longer shall (name of child) suffer this my words do head.
Negative is gone from your sight, opened is a new door in magicks light.
You walk the path where ever you will, knowledge and power your desires you fulfill.
No longer are you hindered by any hurt or pane, all negative flow out of you into the ground it drain.
I bid hear this day this hour, in divinities light with divinities power.
All negative gone calmness remain, I cast now by this witches flame.
Candle color; Birthday candle of blue and white will work.
Most effective; 3 days during the waxing phase of the moon, could be the night before of and after full moon.
Runes in circle at bottom of paper: God/fertility, good fortune, love, wealth/good fortune, physical health/vitality, protection/overcome resistance, journey/take control, gift for skill/knowledge, joy/comfort/blessings, goddess/fertility/emotional stability, trust/motion/adjustments, self improvement. (choose from 4 or more)
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