Evil, malevolent spirits

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Evil, malevolent spirits
Post # 1
Just going to get to the point. I woman who means the world to me has got a big problem with demons or evil spirits. Thy have been fallowing her for as long as she can remember. Thy show themselves to her a three people, two staying shadowed one showing itself as a man with long dark hair, beautiful and terrifying is haw she diatribes him. She has even had psychics flat out tell her thy don't want to read her because she is thick with them. I have seen first hand what thy have and are doing to her, all I want to do is help her no matter the cost. Is there anything I can do, I would even give myself to then if I had to just to get them off of her. What can I do? Any help please.
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Re: Evil, malevolent spirits
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Have you tried any banishing spells? If not try that also you could try to bind them.
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Re: Evil, malevolent spirits
Post # 3
must be a reason they are attracted to her. i would have her banish them, even exorcise them if all else fails i can offer a few suggestions on how to do so herself. then, she should do some self clensing aura included along with space clensing. tell her not to feed them with fear.
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Re: Evil, malevolent spirits
Post # 4
Thank you for the help. To be honest I have never tried spell casting, my belief system is mainly a worship and respect for nature so I don't know if I have what it takes to cast one but I have seen what thy do to her and it scares me. What she is going through seems to fit what many people call a "demonic oppression". The worst of it was when she cut her wrist in the car while I was in the restaurant getting our food. She came in yelling my name and crying for me to help her. I thought the only thing I could do was to offer them a trade, give myself to them so thy will leave her alone. But I will try anything.
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