Help! Spirit animal!

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Help! Spirit animal!
Post # 1
Well, to put this simply; I did a spirit animal appear to me spell the night before going to sleep and when I woke up and took a step out the house, I heard a woodpecker. I have NEVER heard a woodpecker near my house before and it made no sense until I found that they live in my area, but have not been somewhere for me to hear them. Later, when I arrived at school, there were dead/struggling to survive caterpillars EVERYWHERE (I literally mean everywhere, they littered the sidewalks). I am terrified of both caterpillars and butterflies (for no better reason than the Sponge Bob episode that had a butterfly destroying a town, scarred me forever.) so this not only grossed me out, but made me freak out about my spell... The more I thought about it, the more it made sense... I have been known to be walked all over by friends who overly depend on me... and it has gotten to a point where it took a toll on my physical being... I think it is all too poetic, but I'm worried which one is my spirit animal.

Also, when I re-casted the spell, the caterpillars didn't appear, but the woodpecker sounded again as soon as I stepped out of my house...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!
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Re: Help! Spirit animal!
Post # 2
Well, tbh I'm leaning more towards woodpecker because with the fact that you did the spell twice and heard the woodpecker twice it just seems more likely. But really, it's up to you and which one you feel more connected to. It seemed like you really were feeling connected with the caterpillar so that may be it. It really depends on you. However, remember that caterpillars are a natural ENEMY to woodpeckers so maybe one of them means you should stay away from someone's spirit animal is a caterpillar or woodpecker. I would so some more meditating. You can really probably learn a lot from it but you're on the right track.
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