non-payment at work.

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non-payment at work.
Post # 1
I am very careful about what I put out there. I never do love or money spells because the consequences can be so bad. But i have been put into a situation i believe it to be fair. My boss at work is a few weeks off on paying us. then i show up for work to a sign on the door addressed to the customers saying we will be closed for a few weeks for restructuring and changes. this would be ok IF HE HAD BEEN PAYING US. Now I am at the end of what I can take we are living with my husbands parents, lost our car insurance, about to lose our storage unit and phones, so i want to ask the goddess for help getting what is owed to me. dose anyone know what type of spell or a good one to use?
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Re: non-payment at work.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
If you live in the States, you can get some help from the state until this is fixed, and/or you get new job. I would, also, contact Labor Board and tell them about not getting paid AND the sign. Its certainly not fair to you. But try that first, as magick should be last to do to fix a situation like this. You could do a money wish (do not ask for too much) to get you by. Might give you better chance when trying to get help. Any church should be able to help with food and lodging. Sorry to hear this is happening. I would look for another job though, as your boss, obviously, doesn't care for employees. Blessed Be...
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Re: non-payment at work.
Post # 3
I have been applying for new jobs, and also trying to see if I can get unemployment till I do get hired someplace else. as far as the labor board gos my manager is dealing with all that and giving us updates and is getting the ball rolling while the rest of us are trying to keep our lives together. Trust me I am not the one that runs to magic for every little thing I am very particular about what I put out. I was just wondering if there was like an awareness thing or something to maybe nudge the boss in to realizing what he is doing and get us what we are owed Im not greedy and dont request more then that. thank you for your help and blessed be to you as well.
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