Little Info On Runes.

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Little Info On Runes.
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Runes, ey, let's get started. Runes basically originated in the viking period time, in the time of odin, he is the chief god in norse mythology. In the viking legend it is said that odin had a horse, the horse had Runic symbols engraved into its teeth. The 19th rune was called Ehwaz.

Futhark: runes are often called futhark, or, the elder futhark, because after the 6 letts of the runic alphabet, obviously, in traditional order. The runic alphabet has had a little changes through the years, the runic characters are more than the alphabet, each runic character has it own individual meaning. Many of use may already know that runes was orignally the language of of the northern races, germanic I think, they had other connection for example, the celtics, the runes are more than meanings, they are a magical tool, that can be used for so many diffrent purposes.

Runes: runes are basically marked stones, if you're using stones that is, known as rune stones, you can use wood to make runes and whatever, nature isn't it. If you're good at carving you could simple make your own ones out of wood. Many people of tolkien may have heard of runes, but their was a time when people didn't even know their purpose, so why did they even bother with them? However, the runes started to get peoples attention beginning of the 1950/1960's. And now because of that lots of people today are now using them. I don't know if this is true but, the traditional meaning of runes have been lost, and they have been formulated, same goes with all different types of tools.

"Rune" the meaning: what does the word "rune" me, from my studies its been said they other words for them for exmple "mystery" "run" "whisper" "secret". The runes hold so much information. Many people call it diffrent names. They was never written down, like the in the hebrew times times was never written down. But they names was passed down from generation to genration.

Sorry for the poor grammar.
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