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love spell
Post # 1
Hey just wondering if anyone knows of any good love spell that are easy to make and work? Been a long time since I cast one, maybe a decade ago and all my gear is gone. To give you an idea of what I have if anyone wishes to make me a spell I can cast would be good as I'll make a list in a moment. Basically I don't believe in black magic etc there is no grey area. What is happening though is that the only good or bad is in the heart of the witch.

My list:
X 1 partiality burnt red ball candle
X1 partiality burnt white ball candle
X2 taper candles white
X4 small pink candle
X1 red doll with small pocket for voodoo? As herbs inside for love attractions
A pink doll
Dragons blood inscence
Black magic inscence
Nag champa inscence
Jasmine inscence
And some other inscence I can't remember what. I also have evil eye protection necklaces and keyring a oil burner with a "sugared vanilla" tart in it with a red tea light.
Clove oil

Please help. I'm basically starting from scratch and could use a powerful love spell to attract a particular

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Re: love spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2

If you are new to magick i would not cast those kinds of spells because things can go wrong or backfire on you. And love spells are not so great to use in my opinion, but that is just my opinion. Because certain love spells can go against someones free will. There some spells that cant affect that, but you just have to be careful on what you do. Dont cast anything especially if you dont know what you are doing I would go back into learning your basics, meditation, visualization, grounding, centering, circle casting, tools, moon phases etc.

There are some love spells here on the site to check out. Just be careful on what you use.

Blessed Be

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Re: love spell
Post # 3
never use candles that have been used before also never use things that have already been used in another spell. it doesn't have to be complicated keep it simple the more simple the more powerful it will be.
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