Vampires? Serious answers

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Vampires? Serious answers
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Vampires? Serious answers
Post # 1
So, vampires. Someone seriously tell me if they're real.

Re: Vampires? Serious answers
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

If you're thinking of vampires as in novels such as those by Ann Rice or from films then no, they are not real. These tales are the result of medieval misunderstanding about certain processes sometimes seen with dead bodies.

There are some people who refer to themselves as psychic vampires who claim they need the energy from others in order to feel healthy. The health claims are spurious. And calling oneself a psychic vampire may make you sound cool, but in earlier days before vampires became "cool" they were referred to as energy leeches and looked down upon by the magical community.

And of course there are those who have convinced themselves that they are really vampires and choose to create a lifestyle around that including drinking blood. But in truth this is simply a form of role-playing. They are humans no matter their claims and any DNA test would prove that conclusively.

Re: Vampires? Serious answers
By: / Novice
Post # 3
No, or at least not in the Hollywood sense. Blood sucking vampires are works of fiction, the closest thing to a living "sanguine" vampire is merely a person with a psychological condition that makes them believe they need to drink blood to live, they do not it is merely a belief. What is more commonly accepted is the notion of a psychic vampire, a perfectly ordinary human being that merely consciously and/or subconsciously rains energy from those around them often leaving them feeling tired or in a poor mood.

Ultimately the blood sucking, sunburning, garlic-phobic, bat transforming, super strong, super fast creatures of the night however is merely a myth that has been added to over time to create the modern vampire story. Originally these myths are likely based on strange causes of death including parasites, disease, disappearances and "creative" murderers.

Re: Vampires? Serious answers
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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Re: Vampires? Serious answers
Post # 5
Thanks guys and yeah I meant the psychic vampires I know the Hollywood ones are made up.

Re: Vampires? Serious answers
Post # 6
Most people don't believe in them, for good reason, but I'm a little on the fence. I don't have any evidence that they are real, but I've yet to see anything that completely debunks the possibility of them. I find fairly believable, but I will always assume falsity in any practical circumstance. Psi-vamps are the only ones I can confirm exist, though I suspect they are more like people with a treatable condition than a true subset of humanity as blood-drinkers would most likely be.

Re: Vampires? Serious answers
Post # 7
I agree with you. Psi Vamps are basically humans who need energy, in my opinion, and this is coming from a psivamp. I dont even consider us to be in ANY relation to vampyres

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