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Post # 1
I love black. I love night. Yet lately. I've been afraid to keep all the lights off. It started when i felt a dark presence behind me. I heard my birthmom (who i consider my guardian angel) whisper in my ear "run" and i ran out of my dark room into the light as i heard things fall over in my room. Ever since then... I can't be in the dark like before. I panic. It makes it difficult to perform certain spells and i miss my dark, shadowy world. I haven't been able to be in complete darkness for a year now. Please give me some kind of spell to help me.
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Re: fear
Post # 2
You could try a banishing or purification spell.
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Re: fear
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Instead of a spell you might want to look into counseling. Phobias are best dealt with through counseling rather than magic. There is no quick fix for a problem such as that.

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Re: fear
Post # 4
like lark said it would be best to get consiling but if you are considering an exorcism or banishment spell remember to really put your feelings into the spell and really wanting the bad presents gone. if this and or conciling do not work then the problem could be that you are the honting and not a ghost, most spiritual hontings are actually just the person scaring them selves and in more rare cases are actually making the honting them selves without knowing it to get attention, or when their stressed, kind of like of the animated version of ghost hunt but more practical.
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Re: fear
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Counseling can helo if you can afford it, if you are like me and cant afford even a dentist there are other things yiu can do.
Meditate in a room with low light and close your ees imagining you are surrounded by a warm and comforting aura. It hugs around you like a blanket. You can use an actual blanket at first till you can do this will with out it.
Repeate to yourself "I am safe and protected. Nothing shall harm me ." Or somethin lije that. Imagine all the good things you like about the dark and I you feel panicy take 5 deep slow breaths and repeate to yourself how your safe and you wont be harmed. I your lucky and have a dimmer light of some sort or a three stage touch lamp yiu can slowly dim the lights till you are in compleate darkness again. Mail me how it gose Iand if you need morebhelp.
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