Love Spell Help??

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Love Spell Help??
Post # 1
This happened last night. Okay So I wrote a love spell and I had all the necessary things, picture of him, picture of me, pentagram, elemental candles, spell, and why I was reading it, I started shaking really bad. Of course, knowing how stubborn I am I continued until the whole spell was complete. But the shaking did get progressively worse, and my heart was pounding horribly. This has never happened to me during a spell before. And Ive cast many spells. Is this normal? Does this just mean it's working? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You.
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Re: Love Spell Help??
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Could be one of two things...Sometimes when you have a lot of energy you will shake. Or maybe you were just super nervous about doing the spell. When doing work your body gets stressed out and that could have been it.
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Re: Love Spell Help??
Post # 3
it sounds like nervousness and anticipation to me, as sue suggested. when doing something that is really nerve wrecking ones body can shake (like trying to build up the nerve to tell someone you like them) perhaps it is like that for you.
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Re: Love Spell Help??
Post # 4
Perhaps it is perception. Maybe because you were doing a love spell involving one's will, that subconsciously you knew you were doing something big, and that caused you to be nervous or shaky. I'm not here to say it was right or wrong, but doing anything (good or bad) with someone's will (without them knowing) is a big choice. This has happened to me before. I recommend working on meditation and working with your subconscious to practice drawing up energy and finding your "flow". And by flow, I mean how much energy to draw up to the point when you know your limit on being shaky or not. Even if you still would like to draw up a lot of energy, perhaps it would also help to specifically channel and direct that through a wand or athame. Sometimes using tools such as those can help you focus better. Trust me, you got this and can do this! It's all about you on your own path and finding what works and what doesn't work for you. Also, if you continue to feel shaky after ritual, it helps to eat or drink something to ground you. Another way to ground is to visualize all the excess energy you had from that ritual, and push it back into the earth. Hope some of these tips work for you! Good luck!
Blessed be!
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Re: Love Spell Help??
Post # 5
Thanks everyone, for the advice. I really appreciate it :)
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