Demonic banishing

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Demonic banishing
Post # 1
The Banishing Ritual of the Four Crowned Princes
You want to begin this ritual with pleasing incense and preferably light some black candles to get yourself in the right mindset for ritual work. Do what you need to in order to get yourself in the mood for this exercise. It is up to you to personalize the ritual as much as you want. To begin this ritual face the East, and visualize a bright glowing white light above your head. This energy is going to be in comparison to white light meditation. You want to visualize this energy as the source of knowledge, will, enlightenment, empowerment, and the fulfillment of your desires. Observe this energy and it's power. When your ready reach out with your left hand and draw it down to your forehead. As this light touches your forehead vibrate Azazel. Illuminate yourself with this powerful energy and feel yourself being consumed with exstacy.
Next draw this energy straight down through your body to your groin area. Notice and feel this energy consuming your body. Feel yourself and visualize yourself becoming a radiant star as you progress through this exercise. When you are satisfied with this feeling and feel the need to move on vibrate Lillith. Now bring your hand or athame up to the middle of your chest and across to your right shoulder and vibrate Asmodeus. Afterwards move across to your left shoulder and vibrate Astaroth. Continue to visualize this energy consuming you in exstacy and growing brighter and brighter as you progress through this exercise. Next clasp your hands and vibrate Ave Satanas.
Now go to the west and draw an inverted pentagram and vibrate Leviathan. You want to visualize this pentagram having a fiery blue essence to it. Next visualize and draw a bright electric blue line from the inverted pentagram in the West to the South. Face the South and draw an inverted pentagram and vibrate Satan. You want to visualize this inverted pentagram as fiery bright red in color. Now visualize and trace a fiery red line to the East. Now facing the East draw out an inverted pentagram and vibrate Lucifer. When you draw out this inverted pentagram visualize it being as a bright white light in comparison to the Sun. Visualize and trace this bright white light to the North. Facing the North draw out an inverted pentagram and vibrate Belial. When you draw this pentagram visualize it being black like the abyss. At this point in the ritual visualize this circle as a vortex of illuminating power.
Go to and face the East. Visualize Lucifer appearing in front of you. Feel his presence and observe this beautiful yet brilliant angel of light. Lucifer's presence may be a bit overwhelming at first, he appears as a white robed angel with white rays of light emanating from his translucent body. When you're ready to proceed say Before Me Lucifer! Next visualize Leviathan towering over you, behind you in the West. Notice and embrace his presence. Leviathan appears as a colossal beast that resembles both a dragon and a serpent with fiery breath. When your done observing move forward by saying Behind Me Leviathan! Still facing the East turn your head and look to the South and say to my right Satan. Notice how Satan and Lucifer are two different beings when you begin to visualize Satan. Notice how Satan appears in front of you as a tall red robed shadowy figure with very serious eyes that are almost scrutinizing your every move. Observe this aspect of Lucifer and when your ready to move on turn your head to the North and say to my left Belial. Visualize Belial standing there as a large behemoth sitting upon a large firey chariot watching over you and this ritual. When your ready turn your head back to the east and say for around me shines the pentagram and within me is the star of force and fire.
When working this ritual these demons will appear before you readily the more you practice. To make this process easier, you can place physical representations of each of the Four Crowned Princes in each direction that they hail from. You can personalize these rituals as much as you want. Experiment with them and see what works for you.
Visualization and meditation are the two key tools that you need to get acquainted with to operate any grimoire. When you incorporate these two key elements within ritual practice it will guarantee you results. Remember when you visualize observe what you feel, see, smell, hear, and taste. In order for you to get the results you desire you must truly believe in your methods and your will. In order to get yourself into the right mindset to see these entities you've invoked you must practice this exercises daily.

There are many variations to this exercise on the net and in different grimoires. This is my version of this exercise and you can feel free to add it to your BoS or use it in your rituals.

The thing that I find most interesting about this exercise is that there are many methods to this but all of them achieve the same results. When you've worked with the different variations of this ritual like the lesser banishing ritual of a pentagram v.s. Michael Ford's The Lesser Encircling Rite you'll soon come to the conclusion that there is one source for this energy. For me I call it Eternity, but you can call it whatever you want whether it's God, Set, Baphomet, or any of the various god's and deities out there it doesn't matter because no path is the same.
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Re: Demonic banishing
Post # 2
On a further note, I would like to add that this ritual is great for grounding and preparing for the rite of evocation. Whatever variation of the ritual you choose to use in correspondence with your beliefs will provide you with this. Also if your new to this it will help train you to visualize with your eyes open. I feel it's an essential exercise similar to stretching before you work out.
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