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Post # 1
What to say. I am a mother of 2. Wife and I am 39. Used to be so happy and now I am sad and alone. I am in this dark place I need to figure out how to get out of. A little back ground.
Did not marry the man I wanted to spend my whole life with. But I love the one I married.

He is going blind from a eye condition called RP for short. He is 40. So he drinks a lot.

Lost my first child at 20 was.

My second child is going to be 13. When he was 3 he was diagnosed with stage 4 germ cell tumor. He is cancer free as of Aug. 2004

My third child is now 10. He is active but there is just not something right with him. Been to doctors and they don't know. He can not go to the bathroom for weeks.

I am sad and lonely. So I took to websites to find friends. Bad idea fell for a man I have never seen before. But sure he is just a dream and not a real person.

I feel like I am in this very dark place and it won't let me out. So I have been looking for ways besides medicine to help me figure this out. I have no clue about any of this stuff but I have a open mind. I believe in spirits ghosts and that anything is possible.

I did do something when I was younger and wondering if this is the cause of how I got hear. Will tell if you truly want to help or be my friend.
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Re: Hello
Post # 2
Hello Sarahq...sad story =/. I'm not much of an expert on this or anything completely since magick you continue to learn new things as you go on...try meditation and really try to relax yourself even if it can be hard to do with all the emotions you are feeling at the moment. Burning sage I've heard helps as it clears negative energy around you that training you. Quartz I've also heard helps but really meditation is the key to mostly all questions around this topic.
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Re: Hello
By: / Novice
Post # 3
First of all, welcome to the site!
It might help to do some cleansing of negativity in your home and to do some protection. There are things you can do, as the other person said that will help you.
I'm very sorry for all your troubles. And i'd like to know what you did when you were younger. If you don't want to post it, you can email me.
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Re: Hello
Post # 4

In reply to:
Thank you so much. I think I sold myself to the devil when I was younger. Used a ouijie board to get the man I wanted to marry. Told it I would do anything just to have him notice me. Even promised my first child ... I think he is my problem and I have never told anyone this before
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Re: Hello
Post # 5
Sent you a message on mail and don't worry you couldn't have sold your soul.
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