Demons and Dreams?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Demons and Dreams?

Demons and Dreams?
Post # 1
Is there any one here who can explain this to me?
At my girlfriend's house there is definitely something not right. You just walk in and everything feels off. I am almost certain there is some type of evil spirit or demon in that house. (There is a longer explanation as to why I think this.) But my problem here is there is there is this recurring nightmare type thing that I only ever had at her house.(I'm not the only one to get it a few friends have had it too) Now I get it at my house, and when she comes over the atmosphere here changes too.

Is my dream a symbol of some sort? As in maybe the spirit is not just attached to her house but to her or myself? Is there a way to identify if it's a certain 'type' of demon or spirit? And what exactly can I due about it?

We tried smoking the house with sage (mine and her house) and that hasn't worked.
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Re: Demons and Dreams?
Post # 2
Hi there! I am Eco, nice to meet you ^^; so you are having demon troubles huh? Demons are NOTHING to mess with, you need to have the right tools to deal with them. Reoccuring nightmares are a sign of demons, I don't know a whole lot about them, just how i dealt with the one that tormented me a while ago, if this demon is attached to her and is causing her trouble, it is MORE than likely to go after those she cares about. A demons purpose is to destory the one they target. via all kinds of torment. There is only one other type of demon i know about, which is the one I've dealt with, it was a high class "devil". Devils are the dark ones right hand. there are different classes of demons, lower class ones are just every day things, but the higher ones can cause some serious damage. I wish I could say there's an easy way to get rid of a high class demon, (which is what seems the case here) but it took me 2 years to banish the one that tormented me. What you can do about it, Keep a bible on yours and your girlfriends nightstand open to Romans 12, read it every night while invisioning a white light surrounding you and the ones you want to protect. You can also invoke any of the Arch Angels (Uriel God's Light, is who helped me) also when you feel strong enough pray, using your voice say "Demon I banish you back to the pits of hell, begone! Leave this place and never return!" or other empowering words. I hope this helped somewhat!
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Re: Demons and Dreams?
Post # 3
Hi Eco, nice to meet you too! :)
I think this might be a more powerful one.
These are other occurrences that have happened (I tried to keep them in order of which they happened but I don't have a perfect memory)

We hear a little girl giggling and hear footsteps, we all had a dream about a little girl.

Started to see shadows moving and hear whispering at night.

Her closet door would open a little on it's own at night.

The animals will stare or bark at the closet and mirror like no tomorrow.

The animals will start to whimper and run out of the room.

We all get this same dream that seems like sleep paralysis. We'll hear a man whispering in our ears and it will feel like we cannot move. We are half conscious though. (None of us saw what was holding us down except for our one friend Ashley. She saw a pale man with long fingernails and blackish red eyes. She understood the words but couldn't remember them when she was fully awake)

All our friends became too scared to stay the night, they all saw and heard what we did, even before we told them anything. (We didn't tell them because we didn't want their judgment to be hindered by pre-exposure.)

There was a horrible smell in her closet, like sulfur, but we checked and checked and there was no explanation for it and even now her closet has a very faint smell.

Her mother saw someone standing in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom while there was no one else in the house.

It always seems like there is someone standing in the kitchen at night.

In broad daylight a friend of hours said he saw someone walk by the bed via the reflection in the TV screen.

And now I am getting the same whispering dream at my house and when she comes over my animals act strange and I feel a horrible aura.

So those are the occurrences thus far.
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Re: Demons and Dreams?
Post # 4
hearing all that it sounds to me like it may not just be a high class sounds like there might be multiple spirits, then again demons do have the power of deceit. and it goes far beyond the understanding we hold. there are multiple ways to look at this. one the multiple spirits, there could be a little girl trying to contact you, she may possibly need some guidance. the other way, is the demon making itself into the form of a little girl...if thats the case then this is def something powerful and needs professional attention. Animals are very sensitive to sprint and energy, they are protective of their humans, so that explains why they are lashing out at, if they start acting weird again and barking at nothing, get a digital camera use the flash and snap some pictures in the direction their facing...also record this as well. And with the bad aura you are feeling makes sense. As far as the Sulfur smell, it could be where the portal is located, I suggest possibly doing research on the house as well, wood is know to hold in smells, when the wood expands it releases those smells. The reoccurring dream concerns me...especially since you are not the only one having it...I suggest putting a protection spell on yourselves until you can get professional help.
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Re: Demons and Dreams?
Post # 5
Thanks for this information. The dream concerns me too, especially since it started at her house and now seems to be traveling.

The only history of the house we know is that an old woman died of cancer back in the 70's. Other than that, the area where her house is, from what we've heard (though we have not been able to find any actual information to verify it) is that where she lives used to be a graveyard of sorts and they tore it apart to build the neighborhoods. But, like I said, there's no information to verify it, we can't even find the name of the woman who lived there.

A few weeks ago she tried using Sage to clear both of our houses. The activity stopped for a while but the past week it started up again.

I will definitely try to find a good protection spell to help with this. I am getting concerned since the activity is getting worse.
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Re: Demons and Dreams?
Post # 6
not even sage stopped it completely? if the graveyard bit is true then that defintley makes sense! the spirits could be restless and some even resentful for being disturbed, but no problem for the info! As far as professional help goes, call ur local paranormal team, they can identify exactly whats going on, and if need be refer you to someone who does exorcisms, i wish you a lot of luck with this and if you have any further questions, feel free to message me. as far as the protection spells, I can help you look for a powerful one if need be
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Re: Demons and Dreams?
Post # 7
The only person who knows what the dream means is you.
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Re: Demons and Dreams?
Post # 8
spirits can influence and talk to you through your dreams. some spirits you can think they are demons and most people believe all demons are evil and are out to possess you...there not. Some of them are completely different if you ever happen to run into one...don't mess with them though or with any spirit since they are temperamentally. the reoccurring dream means its VERY important and is trying to send a message to you. The spirit(s) your dealing with is probably one since old spirits can use energy of past spirits that pass over if you believe in this and take that identity and such and use that energy imprint. Spirits appear when they want to and when they need to get something across. What I've done even though the spirit(s) seem to be got to understand that if they are being this big of a problem they want you to accept their presence...I can tell you more in mail to help you if you are interested. Whatever you do, do not let them into you. Sometimes they try when they connect to you or find an interest with you. No matter how creepy and whatever noises it makes it just wants your attention and they do like to creepy you out but you have to remember they can not harm you unless you let them...the pining down feeling you felt the spirit was trying to enter probably since I went through that before...when they do that picture a white aura and a bubble around you pulsing to expel anything that means harm and relax. Before you guys sleep over her house talk to it. You will be surprised how much a spirit will do just for a hello. In my case the spirit I knew was angry and mad at something and would make noises and scare my pets and such but once I talked to it, the noises got quieter and listened to him and I believe I finally helped him for good. Just think of if you were trapped in a world for the living because of something unfinished or such for would start getting a bit mad if everyone ignored you? That's the way I like to think of it. Mail me!
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