A test from Diana?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> A test from Diana?

A test from Diana?
Post # 1
Okay, here's my predicament. I am a Dianic Wiccan, and have been for about a month. I talk to Diana every full moon or whenever I feel that we should talk. One night while I was talking, a little puzzle came into my mind: When the darkness is light, and where ice burns like fire. I have no clue what it couls possibly be, but I think that Diana sent it to me. Any ideas on what this could mean?
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Re: A test from Diana?
Post # 2
Maybe it's the solar eclipse? The darkness of the moon overlapping the sun becomes light and the icy surface of the moon appears to burn like fire with the ring of light surrounding the edges. I have no clue to be honest but that's what comes to mind. If Diana came to you to solve it then it should be your responsibility in the end.
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Re: A test from Diana?
Post # 3

"when darkness is light" and "when ice burns like fire" they both sound like imposable situations. maybe she is trying to tell you that there is no answer or if youv been trying to accoplish something that you wont succeed doing it the way you are now and you need to find a different way around the situation. but thats just my guess haha xP

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Re: A test from Diana?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
The term where seems to indicate a place. A very cold temperature such as cold enough to cause frostbite can feel as if your being burnt or like fire possibly indicating a intensely cold location. If I recall correctly the artic can have darkness during the day time (when there would normally be daylight) for months which is the only thing besides a eclipse, which fits Diana more, that comes to mind regarding the first phrase "When the darkness is light". It's a very intriguing puzzle and as it came to you if it is truly important I'm sure you will discover its meaning.
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Re: A test from Diana?
Post # 5
Tests of this nature are designed to teach you. They are meant for you to figure out with or without help. Sometimes they show us holes in our lives or places of lacking. Apply it to different areas. Emotional. Relationships. Your path or practice. The answer will come.
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