Spirit Guides?

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Spirit Guides?
Post # 1
I've heard people talk about spirit guides alot but I really don't know much about them. Can someone here give me a basic overview of what they are/how to connect with? Thanks.
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Re: Spirit Guides?
Post # 2
A spirit guide is a form in the spirit or astral plane that's main purpose is to help and guide those on our plane. They come in many forms, the kinds you'll hear the most are angelic or animal guides. To contact them, there are many ways to do this. The most common is through a series of meditation. The way I made contact with my spirit guide was by finding a quiet place, relaxing, and imagining myself breathing in a calming positive light. Once my body was filled with the light I would let my mind wander through a woodland or nature like area that my mind alone had conjured up. I would imagine what I felt at the time, the sounds and smells, till I'd come to a point in The road where I'd see a shape or form. At this point you will call out to him/her and ask them to reveal themselves. Of course this isn't the only way but A way.

Blessed be and good luck.
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Re: Spirit Guides?
Post # 3
There are also guided meditations on youtube that can help you contact them if you are having trouble doing the meditation on your own.
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Re: Spirit Guides?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Mine came in dreams. When you are ready to sleep for the night, have "meeting my guide" on your mind. Have it be the very last thing on your mind as you drift off to sleep. Don't worry if it takes a while, many nights I mean. Just keep doing it."I want to meet my guide(s) in my dream". Keep thinking that. Good luck! Blessed Be...
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Re: Spirit Guides?
Post # 5
A spirit guide is something/someone that is with us till we pass over to the other side. We have about 7 guides though-out life. They basically just guide us on our spiritual journey. Some people call them ascended masters of whatever. You can communixate them in many ways, dreams(as tomb stated) meditation, you could receive a gift like a feather.... Visuliseation. Astral plane. Hope it helped.
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