Finding My Abilities?

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Finding My Abilities?
Post # 1
I've felt a very natural connect with spirituality and occult-based paths from a young age, and both sides of my family have claimed natural abilities such as intuition, dreams, visions, etc, though they attribute it to their Christian faith and don't like to delve too deeply into it or "mess with it." Over the past several years, I've become more and more in tune with this part of me, and it's become very clear that have it in me to accomplish things in the sense of spirituality and magic. However, when I attempt to really fine tune it by following a structured set of beliefs, it seems to muddle my abilities. There is a lot I don't know about my father's side of the family, but I've been told for quite some time that there is a great chance I have very strong Native American roots. They say both of his parents were at least 50% and is certainly in my blood, and that blood did not thin as it was passed down. The problem is, I've been researching my family tree, and am having problems both proving/disproving these claims and getting too far back into my family tree before I hit a dead end. Since there is a chance that I can't find my roots or know where this natural ability comes from, or even if they are from family lineage or just something I naturally posses, how could I get truly in touch with it and strengthen it without following a path that is not natural to me?
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Re: Finding My Abilities?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
in regards to your family tree, try [or or whatever country you're from] if you can't afford it, i know of many libraries with genealogy wings that have it for free.

for your path and identity questions, meditation is probably the best thing for you. it might take a while but while meditating, answers can and do come to you. you could also try dream pillows with herbs inside which produce prophetic dreams, these can help provide you with answers. either one you choose, keep a journal hands to jot down anything and everything with as much detail as you can remember.
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