Familiars and Totems

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Familiars and Totems
Post # 1
Just wanted to know?
Short definition, Familiar: Animal or animal spirit, helper in magical works.
Totem: An animal species that you strongly identify with.

I recently received an email asking about animal familiars and totems. Well, the question got me to thinking, how many of us actually have and use familiars and totems? Me myself, I've always had both. For example, my familiar has always been the Cat. For its intelligence, sensitivity and its spiritual psyche. Now, my totem has always been the Snake, which symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and most of all my Father. Then I have a magical spirit beast, which is the Dragon. The Dragon symbolizes many things, but to me I use it for its elemental value in magical practice. So, there's my list. Now I wish to hear from you in the magickal community about your usage when it comes to familiars and totems.
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Re: Familiars and Totems
Post # 2
That is a rather good question. I have two familiars, a turtle named Angel and a dog named Demon. My totem however is a snake much like you, for similar reasons, but also because it is an animal that is mistaken to be this evil creature but it's not. It does what it has to do to survive.
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Re: Familiars and Totems
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
In regards to animal totems I think we all have attributes of different animals and I don't think one animal fits me completely. I've always felt drawn to eagles, tigers, panthers, wolves, and ravens. I've looked into their symbolism and they each have something that could fit my personality along with various other animals. As such I don't practice a set path or utilize animal totems in my magickal practice though I respect the qualities and symbolosm of these animals that can be reflected in the personalities of people.
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Re: Familiars and Totems
Post # 4
I've personally felt a pull to small colorful birds and crows and ravens, but also small black animals and cats (may have to do with the day of my birth, Friday 13 ?)
And did you know that dragons are thought to be representations of serpents (the wings and legs might mean there fast traveling).
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