Needs help with a dream

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Needs help with a dream
Post # 1
I've been making some weird dreams for a while. I say dreams because they are all different and yet always feels the same. It freaks me out a little, because I know nothing of what is happening and worse, everytime that guy in my dream gets hurt, it hurts me as well(I just feel it and most of the time it's awful.) It feels so real and yet it doesn't...
Idk what those dreams mean. Can anybody help?
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Re: Needs help with a dream
Post # 2
I can help you out :) but you have to give me more details, as for the person who gets hurt in your dreams and you feel hurt when it happens, I can give you 5 explanations.

1st: The possibility could be the reason it happens in different situations is because those are parallel worlds and that person is you within them, however this can easily be proven wrong if the guy remains the same throughout the variations.

2nd: The person could have created a "Link" with you, if so you don't need to know the person, a "Link" can be formed in past lives thus making it possible to connect with them till now.

3rd: It could be a spirit, it is trying to commune with you, it might be a "Wanderer" and is seeking your assistance.

4th: It could be your inner mind representing someone close to you as that guy, when he gets hurts you feel it because of the connection your inner mind has made.

5th: It is possible that you are in a "Lucid dream" if this is so that would mean it is an event that will happen, you will need to clear your thoughts further to see where and what is really happening.

Hope that helps :) Pm me if you need more info, I have to ask my group outside this site for more on your situation, we will need more info though :)
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