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What is this spell
Post # 1
I do not know what this "spell"(i dunno) is. or how its used but i had been forced (haha i mean sarcastically and silly teaching from old man) to learn this but not knowing its use or meaning.

You take a dying(browning) leaf.

you cut your left thumb and let blood poor on the leaf.

you take any kind of dirt/earth and mix it with the blood on top of the leaf.

then think and try to feel moments of life happening and death happening.

then in any in any language, but preferebly using the "languages of old" if i can understand the constructive meaning of the words, and chant about "from life to death, the heavens time never stops, but the wind does not blow for ever, I seek to understand what is beyond the vail, but i am not from this world"

i understand some of it, maybe there is a sand in a haystack chance someone might have came across or "used" before.
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Re: What is this spell
Post # 2
If I were you I would try I out and try to see the changes in life
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Re: What is this spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
It sounds like a spell to get a glimpse beyond death or to understand the spiritual side of the world better though the ending phrase "but I am not from this world" doesn't make sense though I'm sure the meaning is your looking for knowledge of the spirit world of which your not apart of yet.
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Re: What is this spell
Post # 4
hahaha, nooooo, i know better than to test out things that have potential danger of their unknown :3, you tell me if it does something :)

yeah me too, i was thinking it was a general "beyond the normal" and things.

thanks for the help guys, ill just keep looking out for good clues in the meantime of other things
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