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from the beginning
Post # 1
my name is David. I cast a love come to me spell 15 years ago. I neglected to close to spell or end it after love found me. I do believe that because of that lack, that love spell has since been inverted. I recently ended the spell with hopes of rectifying the problem. at this point the respondant of the spell has begun exhibiting hateful responses. am I correct in assuming that without the prompting of the love spell holding, she is in fact going to revert to the karmatic opposite?I am relatively uninformed regarding the repercussions of such spells. . . That's pretty much all three is to know about me.
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Re: from the beginning
By: / Novice
Post # 2
15 years seems like a long time to me, but it shouldn't be effecting her if the spell you cast was to bring love into your life and not a particular person. try just talking with her about things, see if there is a problem and try to work it out. while i don't think you should cast more spells to solve your problem, the simple household purification and protection wouldn't hurt just in case there is some lingering negative energy attaching itself to you guys. if i were you though, i would tell her you cast spells [if she doesn't know already] but leave out the love spell, many love spells i've come across warn that if the person you cast over finds out they will hate you. spells for attracting love into your life [and not a specific person] i don't think cause this reverse effect, but better safe than sorry.
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Re: from the beginning
Post # 3
It would not cause this to my knowledge. As Neokshema suggested, speak with her about what is going on. Perhaps she is just going through a rough time. Women are emotional creatures by nature. Do your best to be there for her and comfort her. Blessings to both you and your love ~Angie
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