Mind's eye views

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Mind's eye views
Post # 1
What have people seen who open their minds eye?
What have overly sensitive people seen of spirits?

I ask these questions because I normally open my mind's eye at night and recently in my apartment I have been seeing spirits. I've been seeing a multitude of spirits after summoning "Zapar?" a demon who appears in Christian mythology. When I did the summoning back around June I saw a guy appear in my room a shadowy form of a guy who called himself zapar. Now I am not afraid of the spirits but I told them "my house is your house." Now i want to know is saying that to a supposed king of hell going to invite more entities into your home? Now zapar and the spirits just hang out normally but my dreams have become weird.

I had a case recently with a spirit that tried attacking me. Is it normal to be able to just stop a spirit like grab it in a way? The spirit that attacked me fully manifested itself and I some how just grabbed it. What does it mean when you grab a spirit? Can anyone explain this to me?
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Re: Mind's eye views
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I don't have personal knowledge and I don't recall ever hearing of anyone touching a spirit before but there are many who can learn to perceive spirits or posses that ability. As for inviting more entities into your home I'm not sure. I am sure you gave the already present spirits permission to stay and called it their home which would I believe make it possibly more difficult to get them to leave though far from impossible if that was your desire. If this entity has...dominion over other spirits then by saying it is his home you may be in essence giving him the power to then invite spirits into the home as well. You say your not afraid of them but considering one attacked you and even though you were able to defend yourself I would look into banishing them as I don't see the positive benefits of allowing malevolent entities into your home.
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