Love spells

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Love spells
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Many keep mailing me asking for love spells for various reasons. First I would suggest the following. ~ The most important thing is to learn to love yourself. We all have imperfections and deserve love regardless. Focus on your good aspects and improve what you can rather then worrying over your flaws. They are probably more noticeable to you then to others. ~Cleanse and balance your chakras. I cannot stress that enough. Having balanced energy makes you more open and improves your health. ~ Wear scents that are known to attract potential partners, such as rose, daisy, lavender and jasmine! If you wish for a light or subtle scent you can put a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball and toss into the dryer or your dresser drawers. ( this works for males too). ~ Soak a garnet or rose quartz in daisy or rose oil and let it set under the light of a waxing moon. Wear or carry it close to your heart. ~ One spell I learned that works well is the willow tree love spell. I do believe I posted it in the spell book under an old account but do not see it so here it is. Take dirt from the persons footprint, whole if you can. Plant it at the base of a young willow during a waxing moon and speak aloud " green grass willow tree, take this soul I bring to thee, grow his/her love for me as green grows the willow tree". Word of caution; this ties your growing love to the growth and soul of the tree so make sure it is protected. Willows are sacred to my heritage and are used often. Personally I do not feel it to be right to try to force someone to love you if they are not open to it. That does not make spells to attract or strengthen love wrong. I also do not believe it to be possible since we have free will! I would love ;) to hear any spells or practices related to attracting and/or strengthening love so feel free to reply.
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