Question for empath

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Question for empath
Post # 1
Do you feel some tension near throat or heart when someone around you is shouting?

I live near two a women and she shouts for almost anything, she is always tensed and always shouting on her 16 year old son(who never listens to her)

And everytime she starts shouting I feel depressed, tired, I feel pressure in throat and my heart pains like anything

Am I becoming empath or this is common for everyone?

I have put in so much effort to become heartless and not care about people around me and reverse is happening :(
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Re: Question for empath
Post # 2
That is completely normal. Everyone (excluding sociopaths) is empathetic to some degree. It is nothing to be concerned about. If you wish for it to stop, simply ignore it and try not to focus on it.
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Re: Question for empath
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Andromeda256 is right. I'm an adult yet I feel highly uncomfortable when younger people especially teenagers are yelled at or for lack of a better term punished in my presence. I think I feel it more when they are teenagers than very little because they're much closer to my age, I'm still somewhat young and young at heart so I understand the teenagers point of view, etc... making it easier for me to empathize with them. The affect it has on me isnt as dramatic but I think it's completely normal. I don't think having empathy for others is a bad thing especially when many show signs of being heartless or cold without trying.
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Re: Question for empath
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Shutting ourselves off always makes us hardened, and less understanding. The thing is you have have to not let these things bother you. Learn ways to get other people's energy out of your body, and protect yourself from negative emotions.

Whenever you start feeling that way, I recommend meditating and/or grounding yourself. It'll help shake off the excess of negative emotions, bring you back into your body, and just help you feel better overall.
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