Spirit animals?

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Spirit animals?
Post # 1
I roughly know what a spirit animal is now, but I'm stumped on how to find mine. If weird animal encounters were a class, I'd get an A+
I've heard that sometimes you know from odd encounters, and I saw a tiny bit on them appearing in dreams, and I wanted to ask if this is true, and if anyone's ever had their spirit animal in a dream? And if so, what happened?
Thanks for reading.
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Re: Spirit animals?
Post # 2
It. Is posse to encounter your spirit animal I'n dreams. I found mine, though I asked a demon I'n my house to help, and he first shifted into a brown fur colore one with rubber gray eyes and suddenly a stark black, piercing blue eyed, alpha wolf. I knew it was alpha from the sensation that I felt as the brown furred one jumped into me. And made me run an jumped out the nearest window (third floor) and down a deserted drie up coast with a barrow road and as I reached a bridge to cross, lava erupted from what I thought was a river, leaving mr to take on the wolf but instead being tackled and almost bitten in the neck before flinching awake. The wolf has been with me since. Or at least, I'm aware f him and my animal spirit.
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Re: Spirit animals?
Post # 3
Another time I was in a room full of snakes. When I realized this, I heard a hiss nearby and saw two, one deep blue (Pheanix, male) and another (Maiden, female) on either side of my arms. Both Pyhton. I later saw them I'n a second dream, Maiden trying to swallow/eat my windbag friend. And Pheanix hissing at something else in me. But both were beaten by these two beasts in October. Haven't seen 'em since.
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Re: Spirit animals?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
dreams as lostvessel said could help you, as well as asking a spirit/demon you're close with sometimes can help. meditation is another method, best done outside or by an open window, meditate and ask yourself who your spirit animal is. this might take a while, maybe even a few sessions, but eventually the answer should appear. native americans used different methods depending on their culture, such as sweat lodges, sundancing, or spirit/vision quests. these are very strenuous, and can be dangerous if not done correctly, so i'd advise against it. final option, just sit and think about what animal you most often come across, which one you feel a bond with, then research it, and meditate on it. that can help sometimes too. this process though isn't an easy one or a quick one, so it could take days, weeks or months to find your spirit animal.
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Re: Spirit animals?
Post # 5
There are much easier ways of contacting your spirit animal. There are guided meditations on youtube you can use to help you contact them and once you become comfortable enough with the meditation, you will be able to do it whenever you want.
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