hey folks, i`m new :)

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Forums -> Introduce Yourself -> hey folks, i`m new :)

hey folks, i`m new :)
Post # 1
Hello everyone, i`m new on this site and i`m very happy cause i find it.
I`m from Romania and need to say that i don`t know to much about magick but trust me, i wanna learn all if is possible.
About me:
I have some spiritual experiences that includes hearing demons and angels and even Saints since 2005. Oficially i have an illness apropriate to skizophreny.
I Believe in Christian God and his Son and i respect all other Gods who work for the Light Side.

Thank`s every one for reading my first post, bless you all and please sorry for any gramatical mistakes. Blessed Be
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Re: hey folks, i`m new :)
Post # 2

Hello welcome to SoM,

I hope you find everything you want to know. This site is one of the most populated sites, filled with people from different paths, but we are all on the same journey. I recommend you to check out the Newbie Central it is located on the home page, then if you still have questions, go to the FAQS. You can also ask members on the site, but don't be down if some of the members cant help. Please also know that not all the spells on this site work. Some people place spells that they don't try out or think is funny.

Hint: All the spells on the Fantasy spells don't work. They are fraud spells. I hope this helped you a lot.

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Re: hey folks, i`m new :)
Post # 3

Hello there Mis,

I am new too. I don't know a lot about magick yet, but I hope to learn too. I am a healer of emotional wounds. People have found me or I have found them since I was a very young child. I just want to say welcome to you, and also, DO NOT worry at all about your grammar! For me, the fact that you are TRYING is praise-worthy!

May peace be with you on your journey; blessed be.


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Re: hey folks, i`m new :)
Post # 4
thanks you two for answers. By the way, i wish to make friends from here, so who want to talk to me more frequently please just send me a PM ande i send to you my messenger id.

Thanks again: Blessed Be!
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