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I need Help!
Post # 1
I have a really bad neighbor. She moved into the neighborhood after my family and I did, but for the past 2 years she has been trying to sabotage my mother's life and reputation. She tells lies to everyone, and what's worse, she actually believes them. I want to get her to stop spreading these vulgar lies, and to get what's coming back to her, before she can do something REALLY harmful. Does anyone know any good spells that can help with this problem?
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Re: I need Help!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I'm sorry for you that must be a terrible situation especially if she honestly believes what she's saying as then she can't be easily reasoned with. Those who believe in karma are highly against messing with the karmic order as it is in essence messing with the universe but there are karma or justice spells. I personally don't believe in karma but I do believe that down the road everyone pays for what they've done in one way or another, which is the concept of karma minus the reincarnation part. In theory a well written karma related spell should bring about karmic retribution only on those who truly deserve it yet this should still be a last resort as normal means of mending such a situation is best. If you feel you must resort to magick focus on justice or a desire for the truth to be known rather than seeking revenge, though I understand your anger, as that can lead one down a dark path. I'm sorry if I sound too preachy or judgmental and wish you the best.
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Re: I need Help!
Post # 3
I am using this as a last resort. We have tried reasoning with her much over the years, since we found out what she was doing, but it only seems to further her cause for hurting our family. Last time we asked her to stop lying, she told the neighborhood that we had ordered her to move out. I'm not trying to get revenge, nor am I trying to stop her from being who she is. I just want something to make her realize that everything comes back to you.
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Re: I need Help!
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Well it definitely seems like your looking for a karma type spell. I'm not sure of their success rate but the site contains many such spells including a very basic one I wrote in the past, Based on your profile though I wonder if you couldn't write your own spell.
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