How to make a portal?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> How to make a portal?

How to make a portal?
Post # 1
I'm really want to travel to another world/realm/dimension/universe/etc. But of course I don't know how. I'm willing to start with basics as long as I can build up to meet my goal.
I don't know how to astral project but I'd be glad if someone can guide me to the right post or maybe another site to teach me how.
I'm poorly skilled with meditation and that might be why I'm not getting a good start with anything so help with that will also be appreciated too.
Please don't be a troll and actually try to be helpful. All help is really appreciated.
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Re: How to make a portal?
Post # 2

You don't necessarily need to make a portal to project in any manner, though there are ways to get in tune with your subtle bodies or cosmic model based on what path you are in. Northern Tradion Seidhfolk use staves with nine 'knots' in it to help align themselves with the nine main realms of Yggdrasil for pathwalking, journeying, faring forth, etc. Modern folk tend to create portals to help differentiate etheric projection (shifting of consciousness to project the spirit to a place tied to the physical realm) and astral projection (not tied to any physical place).

First, let me ask you some questions about meditation. I do not mean to pry about personal things, though it would help others help you if we know exactly where the issues and strengths are. I also don't mean to belittle, I simply don't know where you are at. Keep in mind that while altered states of consciousness were a part of many cultures, meditation is not universal to every path. It is merely common.

What is your path (this can be religions, spirituality, cosmic model, culture, etc.)?
What do yout think meditation is?
What is your goal for meditation?
Where do you feel you are successful and where do you think the issue is?

There are many methods to achieve an altered state and not all require sitting still and clearing the mind (that works for some people, but not everyone). Knowing how your brain interprets energy will also help.

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Re: How to make a portal?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I know this isn't what you want to hear but I have never heard of anyone who legitimately could travel physically from one place to another via either teleportation or creating a portal. The only thing relating to your desire is astral projection in order to travel to the astral plane. I am not experienced in this ability but I'm sure that there are others who can give you tips on astral projection. As to meditation there are different methods and you just need to find the right fit for you. I myself have had trouble with meditation but it was hardest when I was unde the misconception you were meant to think of nothing as many advise you to focus on one thing as it is difficult to make your mind completely blank.
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Re: How to make a portal?
Post # 4
That's some interesting stuff you just told me. That's really nice to know.

It's alright many people are different when it comes to certain things. Ex. You and me and the knowledge of consciousness and meditation. I'm fine with answering some questions.

I honestly don't have a path. I don't have any religion because I see them to be troublesome in the lives of many, and nothing else of the sort you named. I try to stay as open minded as I can.
I think meditation is the calming of the mind and reaching out to our subconciousness.
My goal is to calm my mind and try to think about certain things in life with a clear mind. I'd also like to try and talk to my subconcious for help.
I think I'm unsuccessful with calming my mind and successful with relaxing my body.

And I have no idea how my brain interprets energy.
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