La Lechuza

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La Lechuza
Post # 1
I was wondering if anyone knows about La Lechuza, what your experiences have been with it, and how to keep it away. I was born and raised in Cali and never heard about it till I came to Texas.

It's a shape-shifting bruja (witch) who takes form of an owl. She causes havoc and just straight drama, which has a very distinctive cry. When I first heard about La Lechuza I didn't believe it. Now that I have encountered it several times and have been paying attention to what happens when she's around I know it's real.

Just last night as I was preparing to do some things last night, every time I went outside I got the chills. I felt a negative energy, just didn't feel right. Then all of sudden I felt very angry, frustrated, agitated for no apparent reason. After I had given my daughter a bath I was in her room and I heard it right outside the window. I've heard if you prayed it goes away, I just sat there and put all my anger into telling it to go away, that i'm tired of it causing problems. Right away it left, the anger and tension went away as quick as it came on.

I've done salt around the house and it does keep her from coming onto the property, but even if she's at a distance she still causes trouble. She's very powerful, and persistent in trying to keep me from doing things to better my household.

Anyone have any suggestions or have dealt with this before? I need to do something about this because I am fed up.
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Re: La Lechuza
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I've never heard of that specific entity but there are ways to banish entities as well as protection spells that you could place on yourself as well as your home of course.
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Re: La Lechuza
Post # 3
Hi i know this is a year late, but i know everything about the Lechuza. I live in Texas and i have helped many people with the wrath of black magic. If you still have problems, contact me and i will tell you how to keep them away. I even know a prayer to make them fall from flight.
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Re: La Lechuza
Post # 4
I need help please. my grandkids moved into my home a year ago and recently they started seeing ghosts in the home. at first I thought it was nothing but now they are interacting with them and that bothers me. last night my neighbor saw a lechuza outside, she told it to go away but know I am more upset. who sent it and what does it want? how do I get rid of it? how can I protect my grandkids and my home? Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: La Lechuza
Post # 5
Sounds quite a bit like La Catalina from the Castaneda books.

Or just an ordinary haglike creature. I could post more on hags later, though.

The effectiveness of prayer is dubious. The true power in ''faith'' is in the energy put forth, the focus, the will, the personal power.
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Re: La Lechuza
Post # 6
What it wants really depends on the scenario, it seems like your grandchildren are open to psychic phenomena,i take it they're still young? Anyways feda is right they seem to be pretty much hag like creatures, as for how to get rid of it you could try a basic banishing like the LBRP.

It could also just be a one off occurance though so keep that in mind, if the lbrp doesn't show results feel free to PM me.
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