Las Madamas

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Las Madamas
Post # 1
La Madamas
These are spirits of dead slave women, usually they are round and have the typical "mammy" type of look. Cuban-born slave woman who in their lifetime were intiated to Palo or the Santeria religion. They are depicted wearing skirs and aprons identifying the color of the Orisha they were intiated to(yellow apron for Oshun, blue for Yemaya). Their head is wrapped in the same color and there are hundreds of these, as she is not singular. They have a particular name which is given to you, but they are called "Madama" spirits.
Can you work with this spirit? You can't go seeking out spirits to work with you. You work with those spirits that surround you, named a Spiritual Court. They are those that protect and guide your steps in life, the most intimate spirits.
It is impossible to work with a "Madama" spirit if there is not one in your spiritual court. This is investigated through a spiritual mass and here you would find out those spirits that are in your inner court. After this, you would need stregthen your involvement with your spiritual court with a Boveda where you have direct contact with them. It is up to you learning as much as you can about your spiritual court, names, traits and their behavor overall.
La Madama spirit is not petitioned nor is she worshipped. She is your teacher and a spirit guide that will protect and inspire you. Offerings are left from gratitude. Usually cigars or coffee. These are given to her if she has helped with an issue. A doll is usually kept at the Boveda so that her spirit may manifest there when you ask for guidance.
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Re: Las Madamas
Post # 2

Awesome post, somebody asked me if I worked with these kinds of spirits before, when in reality I hadn't known what they were before.

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Re: Las Madamas
Post # 3

Thank you. Well you can't just "work" with these spirts, as it said above they would actually have to be in your spiritual court to work with them. Otherwise, your offerings are served in vain as you cannot just serve them as one would serve a divinity. These are spirits that attain to specific individuals.

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