This dream...

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This dream...
Post # 1
I get this dream every time. like in the dream i had, i was in a house with a camera recording my friends and we was at the fireplace and she was dancing infront of it, then in the camera i saw a girl on the ground with a face that made me felt fear. i tried waking up but did not work, so i ran around in the dream ran out side and i saw a girl running in circles around a tree and i did not understand so i just fell on my knees and i woke up.
and i get depressed seriously.... i just hide it from others and try to deny that i am sad.

all i kept seeing was demonic faces and a weird symbol. I've had this dream over a week now same, plot with different places and faces
but the symbols are all different
and each time i wake up from it i feel depressed.

The one below the Triskellion

The one that looks like a trident with a line through the staff part.

And i could not find the last two but i also see a triangle with a dot in the middle, also a wave type of symbol with two lines in the middle.
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Re: This dream...
Post # 2
Was it a nightmare? Well, sometimes I have to deal with the same dream just for more than 2 days! So then I found out a week was gone. I don't remember the details because it happened more than 2 yrs ago. Sorry I didn't answer your problem. :(
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Re: This dream...
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
The trident symbol is the symbol of Neptune. I tried, due to your demonic faces, searching using the term pitchfork with cross handle but it switched automatically to trident and led me to this site: If you search for symbol of Neptune identical images to the one you mentioned appear. As for the first symbol you mention it appears to be some form of Celtic knot and if this is more than a dream it may also be a Roman symbol more so than Celtic considering the trident symbol is related to Neptune. By default I would say it's just a dream and you've seen these symbols somewhere but as Shakespeare said ?There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.? or to put it simply who am I to say it's just a dream? I hope identifying one of the symbols helps.
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Re: This dream...
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I'm not sure if it helps but the following links, the first being the only one that mentions Greek culture (Searches indicate the symbol of Neptune is the same as the symbol of Poseidon and my Roman search led to this Greek symbol), are the few things I can find relating to a triangle with a dot in the center. I did run across some similar symbol mentioned to be used for meditation or focusing your mind. I have my doubts especially about the last link as it is a triangle surrounded by a circle which you do not describe yet I want to give you everything I've been able to find. I could not find any information about a wave symbol but it sounds familar so perhaps someone else can think of something that matches your description. codex_magica/codex_magica18.htm
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